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You Have Everything To Build Your Online Business & Now You Can Learn The Affiliate Marketing Game Too..

202 Tips, Secrets, Ideas, Templates, Shortcuts And Lists For Affiliate Marketing Success...

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If you’re looking for as many tips, hacks, ideas, lists, templates, shortcuts and more right from a 8 figure entrepreneur that you put to use immediately to start and scale a business selling affiliate products, you’ve come to the right place.

This valuable "guidebook" will become your go to resource that you’ll love using over and over again for your affiliate marketing business, inspiration and implementation.

So let’s take a closer look at what you get…

I’ll cover the main steps and categories you need to know in order to start or grow your affiliate business and take it to the next level. 

These steps include:

1. Pick a Niche: The first key to generating profits is picking a profitable niche with plenty of eager and willing buyers – and this set of tips shows you how to do it.

2. Select a Product: Your next step is to find the perfect offer that generates a lot of interest in your market and big commissions for you.

3. Add Value: Here you’ll find the keys to creating bonuses that separate you from your competition and automatically boost your sales.

4. Set Up Your Affiliate Site: This set of tips will show how to get an effective site up and running fast.

5. Drive Traffic: Here you’ll discover the best traffic methods you can start using ASAP to grow your affiliate business.

6. Establish Expertise: Once people see you as an expert in the niche, your sales will automatically increase. And these tips show you how to start elevating your status right away.

7. Maximize Your Bonus: Here you’ll find “next level” affiliate bonus tactics that will help you convert more prospects into paying customers.

8. Craft High-Converting Copy: Your success as an affiliate depends on how well you can presell prospects, and these tips will boost your conversions.

9. Build a More Responsive List: Are you pulling the maximum profits from your list? Find out by reviewing the tips in this section.

10. Get More Traffic: It’s a pretty simple formula – more traffic = more sales, which is why you’ll want to put these tips to use ASAP.

11. Optimize Your Site: These tips are all about polishing your site to generate maximum commissions.

12. Become a Super Affiliate: Here’s where we take you from average affiliate to affiliate extraordinaire.

Some Of My PayKickstart Stats

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Here’s a sneak peek at just a handful of the 202 tips, tricks and secrets that you’re about to download…

The 3 crucial “must have” characteristics to look for when picking out a niche.
35 evergreen markets you can start working in today to make money.
7 sites you can visit to find uber-profitable affiliate products to promote.
The 3 key questions to ask to determine if a product is going to sell well and put a lot of money in your pocket.
A simple one-minute task you ought to do before you promote any affiliate product – this will save you a lot of time, money and frustration.
21 different types of bonuses you can use to boost your affiliate sales instantly.
10 templates you can use to create a sizzling, attention-getting title for your bonus or lead magnet.
A mini-checklist of the steps you need to take to set up an effective, profitable affiliate website – plus you’ll discover the easiest way to get your site set up really quick.
Four simple ways to create an effective lead magnet – once you know all four of these ways, you can create all the lead magnets you need, fast.
11 types of presell content and 10 surefire ways to get your affiliate offers in front of your audience – the more of these methods you use, the more sales you make.
Outline for two different pieces of effective content you can use to presell any affiliate offer – these work really well.
3 templates you can use to create high-converting, highly-effective calls to action that get the clicks (and the sales).
Why you should never send traffic directly to a sales page – and the three places you should direct this traffic to instead for maximize profits.
12 ways to drive highly targeted traffic to your offers, plus you’ll discover tips and tactics for implementing some of the best of these methods.
10 joint venture ideas that are sure to generate a lot of warm, cash-in-hand traffic.
6 factors that every successful viral campaign possesses – if you want your content to sweep across your niche like a prairie fire, then you’ll need to know what’s on this list.
6 keys for making the most of Facebook to build relationships and drive traffic.
The #1 way to generate bigger commissions over the long term – and how you can implement this strategy starting right now.
The secret bonus strategy that pulls lukewarm prospects off the fence and gets them clicking on your affiliate links.
A clever type of affiliate bonus that generates a ton of backend sales.
How to craft presell content that delivers better results, virtually every time.
The three types of headlines that get clicks – if you’re not using these, you’re losing sales.
A clever way to use graphics to draw prospects into your presell content and get them clicking on your links.
A proven two-pronged preselling approach you can use to boost sales.
The #1 key to getting a whole lot more sales and engagement from your mailing list.
The one thing you should do in every email to get more opens, clicks and sales.
4 emails templates you can swipe and use to generate interest and sales in your affiliate offers.
A clever way to please both your human visitors and Google bots – this is a great way to get more Google love and sales.
A little-known way to get authority sites to give you a valuable backlink (this is simple yet amazing how well it works).
9 quick and easy things you can do to get more targeted eyeballs reading your presell content.
The three types of content you need to create to appeal to people who aren’t quite ready to buy yet – this is a great way to beat your competitors in the preselling game.
4 proven tips for winning affiliate contests – plus you’ll discover a strategy that works well, but very few people even know about it.
The type of offer you should be promoting if you want to grow your affiliate business even faster.
A special type of product review you can do to generate more sales than other affiliates – it really works.
A simple way to get more people liking, commenting on and sharing your social media content.

And that’s not all. You’ll get dozens of other ideas and insights that you can use to start pulling down more commissions every time you promote an offer. 


Get my personal collection of 50 fill-in-the-blank email templates that makes it fast and easy to create all the emails you need to grow your affiliate business!

You already know that email marketing is going to be one of the big keys to your success.

And that means that you’re going to be creating a whole of emails.

But here’s the thing…

A good email that gets great results doesn’t happen by accident, and it’s not something you dash out in three minutes.

That’s especially true if you’re prone to writer’s block.

So, what if you outsource this task to a professional? Oh yeah, prepare to dig deep into your pockets. Email writers don’t come cheap – at least not if you want to get good results.

No more struggling with trying to craft high-response emails. No more staring at a blank screen while battling writer’s block.

Instead, all you have to do is copy…paste…and tweak! And in just minutes you’ll have a professional, engaging and high-converting email written and on its way to your subscribers!

Take a look:

10 General Emails: These include emails for: welcoming people to your list, directing people to a resource, endorsing a marketing partner, registering for a webinar, encouraging people to share your content and more. This is the miscellaneous, catch-all category of emails you use every day to grow your business.

6 Emails for Overcoming Objections: Whenever your audience is reading your presell material (or the vendor’s sales page), they’re going to have objections – in other words, reasons why they should NOT buy the product. In order to make the sale, you need to overcome these objections. And this collection of emails helps you do exactly that, by raising and handling the most common objections such as “I don’t have time” and “it won’t work for me.”

5 Product-Launch Emails: When you promote a product launch, the vendor generally gives you the emails to do it. However, if you want to stand out from all the other vendors who’re promoting the same thing, then you’ll want to use these engaging templates to create unique product-launch promo emails. It’s fast, easy and really effective!

6 Incentive (Bonus) Emails: One big key to your affiliate success is to add a bonus to your offer. These emails promote the main offer, but they also include a special emphasis on promoting your bonus product or service. What a great way to boost your conversions!

10 Preselling Emails: These templates cover a wide variety of ways to presell an offer, from direct-response emails to “useful yet incomplete” informational emails. You’ll find emails to create how-to articles, FAQs, tips articles, product reviews and more!

13 Special-Offer Emails: These are the emails you use to promote things like flash sales, BOGO offers, coupon codes, and more. Yes, vendors usually provide promo emails for this purpose, but you’ll stand out if you create your own emails (and these templates make it super easy to do).

As you can see, there’s a template for just about any occasion in this collection!

No matter what you’re selling, no matter what niche you’re in, there are plenty of emails in this collection that you can put to work for you to start growing your commissions.

If you had to create every single email in your affiliate business from scratch, you’d spend hours upon hours banging on your keyboard every week. And you still might not create these sorts of engaging emails.

If you outsourced this task, you’d be doling out at least $25 per email -- and likely more. Can you afford to do that for every single email you need to create? 

It’s a fast way to Broketown, especially if you’re just getting started.

Forget about spending hours in front of your computer trying to craft emails for your affiliate business. Instead, just use these fill-in-the-blank templates, and you’ll be done in a couple minutes!

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